Symphony Solution Inc. Launch Innovation Lab for serving AI and Machine Learning tech products.

Fanwood, New Jersey: Symphony Solution Inc. proudly announce the launch of Innovation Lab, a bright step towards futuristic mobile development and tech experiments. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Internet of Things tech is still in the nascent stage and Symphony Solution Inc. aims to building path breaking products and services in the near future.

CEO, Mr. Anish Desai appeared optimistic about this project and said, “At Symphony Solution, we have always been driven by the need to raise the bar of the current technology and experiment on the future tech trends. By launching Symphony Innovation Lab we will fast track towards future of mobile application design and development.”

Mr. Anish Desai also introduced Innovation Lab’s flagship AI generated Voice Search Engine having the following features

  • Developed our very own AI generated Voice Search engine framework which facilitates in-app navigation.
  • Digitally transform businesses by implementing voice search feature in mobile applications.
  • By converting commands to binary – voice search will be faster and smarter than ever before!
  • Voice search is the future and through our powerful framework will be used to implement the feature in websites as well.

Building Chatbots to help businesses achieve better customer care. Customizing business tools for better in-office communication is also something that the company wants to explore through the Innovation Lab project.

With an invaluable experience in the field of Healthcare, Symphony Solution Inc. also aims to develop a host of IoT products which will benefit the industry and open door for newer and better tech solutions. Using disruptive technology to create newer services, the company believes that they can be ahead of the curve and become a leader in the field of AI and Machine Learning and make businesses more scalable tech friendly.


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