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I searched for a company that could create an App for my business - the supplier should be able to create more value for us and deliver very high quality. Sphinx Solution was the right choice - They were very responsive to my wishes and they gave me fabulous service and made me a really good mobile application.  


Lars Henrik Larsen

CEO - JustBet.me


When we are following our favorite teams and games, we often bet with our near and dear ones. For instance, the looser of the bet will order a pizza for winner or the looser will buy a shirt of winner’s favorite team.

Some people have a habit of betting free on fantasy sports websites. While doing so, making a profit is never their intention; instead, they are interested to outsmart or outperform another knowledgeable sports lover.

Lars came to us asking, how a wager can create good memories and bring fun and excitement to the game?


Disrupting the Betting App Scene: JustBet.me Case Study.

Executive App Summary

The motto of JustBet.me is Betting without losing Big BUCK’s!!
If you want to make a game more exciting and fun apart from watching it, JustBet.me provides you with a platform to gather friends, family, and colleagues in a friendly wager around different sporting events.
You can add a single sporting event or keep updating the entire tournament with many participants as you like. It is easier to determine the number of winners keeping track of included sports and events. The app will handle all the bids, score-update, ranking, pot-size, and coins payout.

How a Wager Create Good Memories and Brings Everyone Together?

Debunking the myth—only sports fanatics and gamblers bet or you can bet only on sports, JustBet.me has introduced an entirely new platform to wager bets for fun. Betting is not
always to win some money; it can be a fun when you bet with your family, friends, and colleagues. JustBet.me brings this same fun and excitement of the game when you wager friendly bets by inviting people in your social circle.

Client Requirements:

  • Create a unique platform for friendly wager where one can bet with his/her family and friends around a sporting event
  • Help users to invite and add other users as betting participants
  • Generate interest amongst sports enthusiasts by allowing them to interact with other knowledgeable sports freaks
  • Create appealing visual effects and easy navigation to add single matches or entire tournament
  • Only those who are in range are eligible to participate in a bet limiting it to a specific location
  • Score of each match should be auto updated
  • Include leaderboard and chatting feature for internal communication and for knowing the winners

Solutions Offered By Sphinx Solutions:

Idea Consultation

Client approached us with a primitive business idea. Our idea consultation helped him align what features to include in the app that will enhance its success and chances of going viral. Finally, a prototype was agreed upon to develop the app accordingly.


Our agile development model coordinated with seamless design allowed rapid prototyping and iteration. We coded the app, ensuring the key app transactions like new user registration, creating bets, placing bets and in-app purchase works seamlessly, even when a large number of users are using the application.


We wanted to create something different from existing online sports betting app. Thus, we flipped the online betting app model to focus on fun in social betting and improvise in-app conversation.


Based on current market trends and competitive analysis, Sphinx Solutions identified the inapp purchase opportunity. As the stakes used are coins, users after spending their coins can purchase more coins within the app.


Designing app interface to be virtually rich our focus was on offering delightful experience to users. The beautiful app design with its simplicity and usability allows users to swipe through all upcoming games in next five days.

Branding and Logo

At Sphinx, we understand Logo design, identity design and branding all have different roles. Therefore, we simplistically designed the JustBet.me logo showing what it stands for, what it believes and why it exists identifying the app in its simplest form.

How JustBet.me Works

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