Emergency Room- Patient Monitoring Application


We have created an ER Patient Monitoring application for one of the biggest North American Healthcare Facility, to minimise their existing business complexity and build an easy data access system

Industry Landscape

Health Care IT -has empowered modern health care practitioners to access data and information with extra ease to enhance the outcome and productivity of both health and social care. At present, the health care industry in the US is worth about $2.9 trillion.

Health care Industry is on wheels with new technologies being implemented to take over the old legacy system. The use of remote patient monitoring technology in combination with Electronic Health Records (EHR) could save the health care industry $700 billion over 15 to 20 years, according to the National Broadband Plan drafted by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Remote patient monitoring application allows the healthcare providers to collect the medical & health related data of an individual and circulate it to the other clinical staffs involved such as doctors, nurses etc. It is an asset for various stakeholders of the health care system for chronic disease management at remote locations.

 The Challenge

  • Hospital used 7 different legacy systems to manage and monitor patients
  • Needed vital information about the patient from a single system via mobile app

 The Solution

  • The application integrated all 7 legacy systems in one common system and produced a Mobile App
  • Integrated with Oracle database v12.0
  • Created a new iPad application for doctor

 Business Impact

Increased Efficiency: Increased compliance with legal standards & 5 times Faster. Instant access to patient information such as medical records, Assigned Physician, Vital Info: Blood Pressure, BP, Lab Results.

Time to Market: Symphony Solution helped the customer to go mobile in 90 days understanding customer requirements and consulting the business needs

Quick Response: Ability to respond quicker in the emergency room and reduce errors from handwritten input sheets. Helped doctor to respond quickly in the emergency room.

Right Information: Physicians get the right information at the right time and with a low rate of misplaced or lost information.

Communication:  It facilitates the ease of communication between Systems as well as between patients & Doctors. Patients and Physicians feel better served.

Improved Experience: Improved the customer medicine recommendation experience and delivered the information in a consistent manner to the patient.

About Symphony Solution, INC

Symphony Solution,Inc  is a full-blown web and mobile app development firm providing custom based software solutions with fledged experience in enterprise mobility, cloud based solutions, Data Analytics, and digital marketing. We partner with emerging start-ups and established enterprises to shape end-to-end product across platforms leveraging disruptive technologies.

We have Developed 300+ Web & Mobile apps and are primarily involved in healthcare, travel, e-commerce, online retail, logistics and other industries. We offer On-Shore/Near-Shore/Off-Shore model, according to the client’s convenience.

 To know more about our Healthcare IT services, contact us at sales@symphonysolution.com or call us at   908-754-6064.

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