How E-commerce, Hospitality & Healthcare Industry Can Be Benefited From Mobile Apps?

Several industries have been disrupted by mobile app development for example: Think of Ola or Uber app and you can see how a ride-sharing app changed the dynamics of the transportation industry. In several ways, mobile is convenient, fast, smart, and portable which means users can use the benefits of these devices for their comfort and well-being with just one touch.

It is predicted that mobile apps would generate over $935 billion in revenue by 2023. The IOS App Store has 1.98 million apps available for download and Google Play Store has 2.88 million apps available for download. Moreover, the youth and adults open an app 50+ times per day. Many industries can leverage this fact to provide new solutions, services and engage their customers in loyalty programs to build a community. This not only helps customers but also your business to grow exponentially as your brand will reach a wider range of audiences.

Why are mobile apps for business so significant?

A few years ago mobile app development was associated with Big Corporations and Firms only but today the scenario has changed as the majority of the smaller companies or start-ups also make use of various benefits of mobile apps to serve their clients in the best possible way, and see a higher ROI.

Here are 4 major benefits of mobile app development:

  • Increased Profit.
  • Brand Awareness.
  • Better Customer Connectivity and Insights.
  • Value-added services to customers.

You can mobile apps to provide 24/7 customer support to your customers. You can use loyalty programs to build a strong customer base as well. This helps you to increase brand awareness. Reaching a new audience will certainly boost your sales and increase revenue. Insights provided by these apps can be used to create a new marketing strategy for the target audience. This is why mobile apps are significant for any business that wants to achieve its potential.

Which Industries can benefit from Mobile Apps?

There is no doubt that any business can benefit from mobile apps as customers look for solutions that solve their problems in less time. Mobile apps are efficient in providing these solutions. Here are major industries that can benefit from mobile app development.

  • E-commerce Industry

The e-commerce industry has seen immense growth over the years and as the world is going digital day by day, the e-commerce industry has been gaining more customers and sales. Mobile apps increase the probability of consumers buying your service as they spend more time browsing products or services through mobile apps. The numbers are rising every year and the e-commerce sector can hugely benefit from these apps.


  • Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is one of the biggest industries in the world, with the retail value of hotels summing up to more than $495 billion. Being a service industry, it is a must for business owners to enhance customer experience. For example, hotels can use mobile apps to offer various discounts or offer reward points to make them come back as well as to notify users about the safety and hygiene methods that are carried out at the hotel. Customers should be able to make a request or raise a complaint using the mobile app. Once they leave, apps can offer a quick way to receive valuable feedback and reviews from customers.


  • Healthcare

The pandemic has brought a boon to the healthcare industry as hospitals are now adopting digital healthcare methods. People seek healthcare services from the convenience of their homes as they avoid traveling to hospitals due to the covid-19 crisis. People have become more conscious about their health and fitness, this is why personal healthcare apps are in demand.

To serve this purpose healthcare apps play an important role in providing healthcare services to those who seek consultation remotely. Healthcare mobile app development has become diverse due to the increase in demand of customer requirements and has come up with different solutions to provide better service to its patients.



Facts don’t lie and the digital era has started. Users want to have access to everything with one touch of a button. Mobile apps offer huge opportunities to several industries. Developing these applications to solve a customer’s problem would benefit your business in the long term.


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