Importance of Geolocation in Mobile Apps for Businesses


Mobile applications have become a driving force and a key factor behind growing sales and success of many large and small businesses. A fluid technology by nature, customizable features such as the Geolocation also only gone on to help the business owners tap into unexplored customers even more.
In this blog, we explore how effective location based marketing strategy will become in coming years.

How can businesses use Geolocation better?

Mobile apps are the perfect medium through which businesses can connect with potential customers. There are three main features which can be used to increase the user-base.


Geotargeting:  This is usually done on third-party platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or Google Ads. Creating customized landing pages for location-specific messaging can have a great impact in the long run.

Geofencing: This is a feature that helps create a virtual fence around a specified vicinity or your actual store. If you want to target people within 50 miles of radius of New York, business owners can send push notifications through Geofencing.

Beaconing: This is the surest way of connecting with consumers by sending messages to people within or right outside your store. This is done via an app that is Bluetooth enabled.

Why is Geolocation an important feature in Mobile Application?

Whether you have a brick and mortar store or an online e-commerce website, location of the customer is an essential part of a B2C enterprise model.

A person in New Jersey will have different preference to someone living in Los Angeles. Thus, Location Based App Development in New Jersey will have a different approach than one in LA. Having a Geolocation feature in your mobile application can throw light on important user behavior and preferences. By customizing the mobile app, one can collect the data and analyze it for better marketing practices resulting in effective business and sales.

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