How to Increase ROI Through Food Ordering and Delivering Apps?

ROI Through Food Ordering and Delivering AppsThe ‘No more a secret list’ has many top contenders one of them is: The fact that mobile applications are taking the business to a whole new level! People are getting addicted to mobile apps and this is no more a surprise for anyone: Getting late for the work? Book a taxi! Starving like a baby? Order food no matter where you are! Looking for more option to shop? Check online and what can be better than on the go customized app! Need a doctor? Book as per your preference! We are so dependent on Mobile apps that now stepping out from our daily schedule doesn’t sound a better option often.

Amid the countless revolutionary and innovative new developments, food ordering apps have become one of the most favourites to the current consumers. Mobile apps have improved the customer experience and increased sales figures within food industry incredibly in past recent years, thereby increasing the potential for growth leading to increased ROI! So if you are into the food business or even planning to do so then mobile apps can prove to be the best for an amazing success rate!

Reason for Success of Food Ordering App.

The success of mobile food ordering apps can be largely credited to their amazingly user-friendly interfaces and convenience. Here customers can browse long lists of local and nearby restaurants based on their location and few apps even provide an option to grab what you desire from the restaurant that is far!

If we talk about figures than there has been significant growth in the mobile food delivery industry, with nearly an average market value of £3.6bn in 2016.

Why Your Food Business Needs A Mobile App?

You do not need to jump into anything which is proving to be a success chant for others. Research like a beast, collect facts and figures and if they inspire you to go for it then move ahead. Here we can be of a little help to you if you are planning to go for a mobile app for your food business.

The current trend is very much promising for installing food delivery apps for your restaurant. Conferring to the business statistics of the restaurant business in the United States, nearly more than 60% of local searches on mobile actually convert into buying customers within few hours.

Ways to Increase ROI through Mobile App for Your Food Business.

If approach and efforts are made in the correct direction then growth is a must! Do the math on the potential revenue so you can make that decision for yourself! Few of the promising ways for growth through the mobile app for food business are:

  • Geo-Fencing to Offer Deals: As GPS has already gained unbelievable popularity, location-based services are what you can serve to mobile users. GPS sensing features will track your customer’s position. Offers radius proximity you desire, where you can easily deliver. Reliant on the radius, your food delivery app can send push or text notification to the user. Just think about ‘happy hour’ push notification with your app!
  • Easy Ordering And In-App Payment Is A Must: A Major percentage of customers in the millennial group of 18 to 34 prefers to pay online if they have done it before. This age group prefers paying directly through app within a few clicks! As per the Restaurant Marketing Labs, most of the millennial spend an average of $174 per month on ‘eating out’, you can acquire a larger portion of their monthly spending power into your business revenue.
  • Include Reservations: Allowing your customers to make a reservation without the concern of having to call in, catch the host at the right time, you eventually make the process of making a reservation pleasant for them.
  • Run Referral and Loyalty Programs: This one is possible only with an app. A low-cost strategy that can prove to be very successful for an exponential increase of your ROI. These loyalty programs have far more stretched reach than a simple punch-card provided to every customer.
  • Integration of Social Media In your App: Social media with your app! Is so in the trend and is absolutely crucial. As apps do not provide URLs that can be shared in social media to provide opportunities to share information about the app, menu, invitations, reviews etc. Your customers can tag your service and give you exposure! This will boost your brand name for sure.

What You Take Form This?

Positive implementation of the above-mentioned points can create wonders for you! The food industry is very vast and people are in love with their comfort zone so Mobile Apps are working as a wonder for both! One of our clients’ Food Delivery App has raised $1.3M and Counting, to know the success journey we lived click here.

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