Successful AI Generated Voice Search Integration in My AdultDayCare Application

Fanwood, NJ, March 6, 2018 – Symphony Solution is proud to announce successful integration of Voice Search feature in My AdultDayCare mobile application with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

My AdultDayCare is a cloud based Practice management software with features such as Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Patient Care Plan, Fleet Management etc. with AI capabilities.  With the new Voice Search feature, the users can navigate through the My Adult DayCare app by sending voice commands.

CEO of Symphony Solution, Mr. Anish Desai, explained how crucial AI integration was by saying, “We wanted to create a feature which easily identifies voice commands and has a quick response rate. This feature will improve productivity whilst solving some of the commonly faced logistical barriers faced by an adult day care”.

Users can search for patients and view key information about them through the Voice Search feature in few seconds. Apart from increasing the productivity, this feature will also help attendees and fleet managers to quickly access emergency contact information of the people travelling in their vehicles.

“AI integration through Voice Search is vital for an app like My AdultDayCare where time and productivity are of key importance. We aimed at providing a completely new easy-to-navigate option and we have successfully integrated it,” said a product developer working on AI integration.

With effective use of artificial intelligence Symphony Solution has made it safer for the driver to navigate through the app without putting any passengers at risk. Through the new feature Symphony Solution has raised the bar for custom built mobile application offering IT based solution. My AdultDayCare has features which can solve different problems faced by caretakers, dieticians, fleet managers.

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