4 Reasons why Businesses are Sprinting towards Smart Manufacturing

Smart Mobile Apps for Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing can be defined as a systematic use of technology to radically change the performance and profitability of the business. Some of the most successful global enterprise giants from Uber to Toyota have one thing in common! They all use mobile technology for everything from managing workforce to compliance checking.

In a survey conducted by Forbes, over 70% of the 120 CEOs said that Mobility technology was a top priority in a bid to turn the business to Smart Manufacturing. Top senior management looks at technology as a perfect enabler for the next level transformation in the Manufacturing sector.

How Can Your Business Adopt Smart Manufacturing?

Business owners reading this who are eager to make the jump to mobility shouldn’t lose any hope! As digital innovators, Symphony Solution has transformed Manufacturing Industries in North American region like New Jersey, Philadelphia and Pennsylvania! How do they achieve it?

Paperless Approach

The easiest way to introduce mobility in your manufacturing factories is to enable a Paperless environment to eliminate a lot of paper trail and time wasted on maintaining it! Without mobility it will be an enormous task to achieve paperless technology.

Paperless Solutions Mobility in Manufacturing
Saving thousands of documents securely on a Cloud work better for more reasons that one. Not only does it reduce the cost in millions, employees can also access key documents anytime, anywhere because of the Cloud technology.

Empowering Employees

A big factor in CEOs should be eager for Mobility in Manufacturing is the possibilities of empowering industry employees at different levels. A floor worker is empowered as the business eliminated age-old paper time cards for a more modern Time Card application such as PurelyTracking. Similarly, senior management can use a single mobile app for manufacturing to track shipping, logistics and have an accountable workforce. Using digital forms and checklists can elevate Quality Assurance team to check compliance better than ever before!

Boosting Profits

The myth that Mobile, iPad, iPhone and Tablet apps for Manufacturing are expensive, take years to build and do not yield short-term and long-term profits has finally been squashed. Over 31% business owners have spent money on mobility in 2018 and that number will only rise. Reason? Mobility is an investments which eliminates a lot of operational cost in multiple department. Just think about it, apart from eliminating the entire paper expense, mobile apps can also save over 220 hours annually per employee. The productivity boost is so immense that one can see the changes within months itself.

Business Intelligence

Business owners who feel technology and business intelligence go hand-in-hand should be even more excited about Mobility in Manufacturing. The ability to keep an eye on everything from out-bound shipment to in-bound raw materials and logistics from anywhere using a business application is revolutionary! At a senior management level, different data analytics integration enables instant reports which provide a unique perspective into how to run a business effectively!

The above mentioned points just touch the tip of an iceberg. The upside of having mobile app for manufacturing easily outweigh the doubt you have in your mind. If you are interested in knowing how Symphony Solution’s Paperless digital solutions can transform your manufacturing business, email us today at  sales@symphony-solution.com to discuss your project!

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