How Mobile Apps Are Making Healthcare Industry More Accessible

Mobile App for healthcare NJ

As the discussion about mobile technology enters 2019, the stress on what role should mobile apps play in helping other industries also increases. Mobile apps have already changed the way people shop online and how businesses are connecting directly with their end-consumer. With so much potential, it isn’t surprising that Mobile Apps for Healthcare industry have had a major positive impact on the sector.

What started from speeding the process of fixing a doctor’s appointment, get remote consultation has now seen a complete revolution. Imitating smartphones, even the mobile applications are becoming smarter and thus having a greater impact by making it more accessible. Today, we look at how Healthcare mobile apps have changed the industry for good!

Advanced Capabilities

Statista claims that there are already 40+ thousands healthcare apps on the apple AppStore alone! The mobility solutions have moved towards providing solutions to the complex tasks. Applications are now fully capable of controlling imaging and moving towards helping doctors and employees to get a better control of real-time monitoring. With chronic diseases increasing every day, patients can avoid going to clinic multiple time due to the ability of handling high-end functions through mobility.

On-Demand Services

The on-demand services in all sectors have skyrocketed in the past few years. Even through healthcare may look like an industry that may not benefit from a direct Business-To-Consumer on-demand app due to regulations and rules, it still serves a greater purpose. Breaking the shackles of communication gap, patients can easily contact their doctors for general health related concerns.

Mobile Apps for Healthcare

Not only does this make it easy for the consumers, it is also making teens and young people reach out to experts and avoid diseases. With 24×7 services being the new normal, some of the medicines which have proper prescriptions. Users today can also search for medicines for common health issues after reading reviews from experts and users to avoid certain side-effects.

Maintaining Health Records

Definitely one of the biggest advantages of mobile technology’s penetration in the healthcare sector has been the blessing of electronic health records (EHR) and electronic medical records (EMR). What this essentially means is that from the nurses to the doctors and surgeons, everyone stays updated with the patient’s current vital stats and important health related concerns. Mobile apps have eliminated paper trails which accounted for a lot of employee time in filing, maintaining and searching. It has facilitated all the parties involved to work better, faster and secure. The digital records are stored on a secured cloud storage which is accessible from anywhere, anytime and is fully encrypted and safe!

Practice Management

Time and again, technology has proven that it has the ability to make operations and task management easy. In an industry as crucial as the healthcare, it comes as no surprised that mobility in healthcare industry has transformed how medical centers are performing day-to-day tasks. Practice management solutions such as MyAdultDayCare is a great example of mobile apps for healthcare industry in NJ. Using modern mobility solutions, they have made managing the day care centers easier than ever! This also applies to large hospitals who now carry-out everything from check-in and check-out to shift scheduling and electronic reports on custom-built mobile apps.

This is just the tip of an iceberg, at Symphony Solution we have helped businesses in the healthcare industry to perform better and receive great ROI through mobility solution. If you have any requirements, don’t hesitate to email us at to discuss the project!

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