5 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Healthcare Industry

ai in mobile apps

Healthcare industry forms an important part of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) dominance that is slowing taking place in today’s digital age. From nurses and doctors to insurance companies, many people have adopted machine learning which increasing productivity whilst decreasing time spent on manual work.

According to Accenture, USA can save up to $150 billion annually by adopting AI in healthcare.

We take a look at 5 ways AI has impacted the healthcare industry and what to expect from the technology in future.


Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Healthcare industry adopted the digital age fully when it moved to a more paperless approach. Today, EMR not only helps in storing all medical records in the cloud, it also help doctors in analyzing the data produced by machine learning. AI in Mobile Apps has helped medical industry find stored information in no time. From patient profile to the medical history and medicine plan, adopting EMR truly changed the way hospitals and daycare organizations worked.


Medical Imaging Diagnosis

Medical imaging has truly gone through a revolutionary change since the introduction of AI such as Microsoft’s InnerEye.
ai in mobile apps

It uses ordinary CT scans and creates images which can detect tumors much faster and tells the extent of the growth.It is expected that as time goes on and the technology becomes more accessible, one can expect this to spread to various medical sciences.


Robotic Assistance

Machines/Robots have previously been used in the medical field to steady movements during critical operations. Today, with the use of AI in mobile apps and robotics, it is possible to use machines to manipulate the movements and perform surgeries that require extreme care. Some of them use computer vision to identify distances or learn deeper about certain body parts for better assistance.


AI Generated Voice Search Integration

Voice Search has been touted as the real disruptive feature and the way people search for information online.

ai in mobile apps

Today, mobile applications have an in-app Voice Search feature which helps the user navigate through the app and get important information through voice commands. What is largely used for getting information can be made better by teaching the voice assistant to adapt conversational searching.


Digitized Consultation

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of AI’s entry into healthcare was the possibility of medical consultation through advanced machine learning. Apps such as Babylon make use of AI to give medical consultation. Currently, Babylon’s 150,000 registered users book doctor’s appointments and routine tests through the online service. Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa is also touted to be a key player in giving basic medical information to users at home.


Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare – The Future

Personalized medicine is something that many people are vouching for. Certain types of medicines are prescribed to commonly-faced medical situations such as getting the wisdom tooth out. Healthcare industry might see a day in the near-future where a patient will get information about medical care in such situation through analyzing patient’s medical history.

Improving Performance as with any advanced technology, the ultimate aim is to make sure there are fewer mistakes and more accuracy. As AI tech becomes more accessible and less expensive, we may see an overall change in the way medical industry functions. It can have a positive impact on the results whilst improving productivity and decision making of the medical personnel.


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