How Mobility in Manufacturing Industry is Bringing a Revolutionary Change

If industrial revolution was the birth of mass-scale manufacturing, the technology penetration can easily be considered as an important milestone. Business owners have realized that tech can help work well and be more efficient at every stage of manufacturing.

Strategically running a production unit involves everything from managing the workforce to production and sometimes, shipping the items. Mobility in manufacturing industry has powered every task and is thus bringing a massive change in the way a traditional manufacturing business works. In a recent survey conducted by PriceWaterCooper (PwC) mobility ranked as the highest priority for the manufactures behind cyber security, data mining and analysis.

Mobile technology has already penetrated retail, eCommerce, healthcare industries and is rapidly creating disruptive technology helping break previous hurdles and barriers. With cell phones and tablets being a commonly found gadget today, it was no surprise that the advanced features are being used for high level tasks in everything from production to shipment.

Let’s look at some of the key reasons why having a mobility in manufacturing industries can benefit the business.

Workforce Management

With the introduction of mobile application technology, many businesses have taken full advantage of features that help drive a more productive and faster workforce management. These solutions work wonders particularly for manufacturing industry with a huge number of workers in different department. With a simplistic design and user interface, anyone from 18 to 80 years old can use a business app build to channel better productivity!

Efficiently Improve CRM

Client Relationship Management is an important part of businesses no matter how big or small. A manufacturing mobile application development firm can develop a custom-made CRM platform which helps bridge the gap between the business owner and the sales team. With CRM technology adoption the manufacturing unit can improve on everything right from scheduling appointments with prospects to dealing with real-time response to leads and sales.

Cloud Computing in Manufacturing Industry

Accountable Quality Control

A crucial step in every manufacturing process, Quality Control department is responsible for ensuring the products come out as per the guidelines and adhere to the quality. For years, paperwork used for these procedures has been found to be full of errors and difficult to store and manage. A ‘mobile’ solution through a business app can reduce the mistakes whilst ensuring there is a real-time check on the daily-tasks.

Monitor Production Workflow

Manufacturing processes and tasks are often customized depending on the product. Many businessmen thus get a made-to-order machine which can run all the things smoothly according to the requirements. Mobility in manufacturing industry facilitates monitoring of the manufacturing unit with updating and analytics of the whole process.

Mobility in Manufacturing. Manufacturing App Development


What can take several hours through manual work and check-ups can be completed mush sooner by using mobile technology. Not only can production process become smoother, it also helps in delivering things on-time. Features such as push notifications are useful to managers and workers to get an instance update about where operations stand.

Shipment and Inventory Management

Too often, shipment and inventory management are reasons behind delay in processes and misinformation. One of the biggest headaches for management is to know which items have been shipped and how much inventory is left in the storage units. This pain area can be solved by mobile apps for manufacturing industry. The manufacturer can see the real-time status of shipments and inventory through a single dashboard designed to give insight and overview of the entire inventory operation.

Supply Chain Management

Many manufacturing industries rely run-of-the-mill day to day struggles of tight deadlines, production goals and schedules. Considering these factors, the business owner simply cannot afford to be late for lagging behind in any of the different manufacturing workflow stages. Supply chain management is one of the key things that has changed the way it is done, all thanks to the powerful mobile technology. High tech software can be developed and installed so maintain a smooth functioning of logistics and supply chain, especially for manufacturers with huge turnover and production.In a nutshell mobility in manufacturing industry in supply chain management becomes a boon for manufacturers to increase efficiency & productivity.

Digital Transformation in manufacturing industries

Inter-department Communication

The bigger the company becomes, the more people it employs thus creating a need for streamlining the communication within the company itself. If not done in a timely manner it can become a case for too late. To avoid this, mobile apps for manufacturing companies can be developed for long term stability and efficient productivity. An organization that lacks internal co-ordination will have a hard time in growing at a fast pace. Bar-code scanning, RFID can automate the processes to facilitate a transparent inter-department communication.

Data Storage and Security

Traditionally, paperwork has always been manufacturing sector’s Achilles’ heel. In today’s world, using paper to showcase documents and contracts is not only environmentally weak, it also gives a room for error and security issues. Digitizing your business with the help of a mobile solution can be the answer for both the issues. Paperless work environment is not only more organized, it also makes more sense as important documents can be stored securely.

Decision Making and Business Intelligence

Quick and correct decisions can make or break a business as any business owner would tell, especially in the manufacturing industry. Implementing mobile driven strategy gives access to valuable data about everything from employees to customers and distributors. By using analytical tools, business owners now have decision driving power like never before! One can cut costs, identify challenges, and maximize sales and everything beyond, all through a manufacturing mobile application.

What are the benefits of having mobility in manufacturing industry?

  • Makes employees management easier with increase in productivity and operational functioning by eliminating turnaround time and latency.
  • Massive decrease in manual errors often taking place by employees or workers due to non-digital communication methods.
  • Improves supply chain by maintaining a systemized methods for logistics, distribution and inventory management.
  • Get real-time information on the happening in and around the manufacturing units. Understand the challenges and improve production efficiency.
  • Never miss a delivery or a pick-up from suppliers by making full use of mobility powered features such as push notifications and reminders.
  • Reduce costs at different stages from labor to efficiency. Custom-made mobile applications can perform tasks with better accuracy and unlimited resources.
  • The impact of adopting mobile solutions can be measured by the ability to breakdown massive data and help business owner take better decisions!


How can Symphony Solution Help Transform Manufacturing Industries?

Being in the mobile application development sector for more than 6 years, we have developed several business applications. Our technological know-how and sophisticated approach to development has gained us laurels from customers and reputed agencies such as GoodFirms and Clutch.

We can build a custom-made manufacturing mobile application with integrated workflow, supply chain, logistics and analytics tools. Having empowered several businesses, our work speaks for itself.

If you have a requirement for a business mobile application development, don’t wait any longer, contact us today or email us at and we will get back soon!

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