How Mobility in Manufacturing is Powered by Cloud Computing!

Cloud Comping Mobility in Manufacturing

If Industry 3.0 saw the focus shift from quantity to quality and smart work, Industry 4.0 is here to quickly transform the manufacturing industries through tech, automation and data. Big or small, manufacturing companies and the industrial sector is in the midst of a major shift. Business owners are more aware of tech advancement and the limitations that come with being up-to-date with the latest rumblings.

Manufacturers aiming to hop on the digital train are seeing what difference cloud computing can bring in. It is no longer an option for the business owner, it is instead an opportunity to adopt the technology and get ahead of the competition. 66 percent of top companies from 17 global manufacturing have already adopted cloud computing in their day-to-day business activity. Today, we are going to throw some light on how cloud computing elevates manufacturing industries work better in every department.


Cloud Computing as an Enabler

Mobility in manufacturing powered by cloud-based applications can virtually help every department and work in a modern-day manufacturing unit. It form an essential part of the IT infrastructure that is enabling the manufacturer to move towards ‘smart manufacturing’ at different levels of the organization.

Enterprise Solution: At an organizational level, one of the biggest concerns for manufacturing unit managers is handling the workforce. From their time cards to the inter-department responsibilities, what was earlier done on paper is now shifting to an environmentally friendly – Paperless approach through cloud storage. Through our product Symphony has enabled employee self-service and workforce management for manufacturing industries. It helps to not only report the hours spent by the workforce it also lets the employees upload reports etc. on the go. With cloud storage, this data is easily accessible to authorized people anytime remotely.

Product Level: It is estimated that cloud-computing contributes 25 percent to the final product. It is transforming everything from researching the product to knowing how it should be fabricated and manufactured. We have built mobile solutions for manufacturing industries which have helped businesses to make better products and decisions by understanding the needs taking customer responses and evaluating the feedback. Not only does it help reduce the time taken to get feedback, but cloud-powered application facilitates more accurate results with pre-defined categories and instant reports.

Cloud Computing as a Solution

Quality Control: As explained in a previous blog, we explained how mobile apps for manufacturing industry can save millions to billions of dollars and thus is now an integral part of a manufacturing organization when it comes to creating a cost efficient strategy. Quality Control is the most concerning department in the unit. With so much depending on the quality and the compliance for products, using cloud computing QC measures have drastically improved, eliminating human errors, data misplacement and product recall. Mobility in Manufacturing through mobile, iPad and tablet apps lets inspectors work faster and store the data and observations with facilities of pictures, comments on the cloud securely. They can save time which is usually wasted in maintaining paper trail, resulting in faster and better work.

Paperless In Manufacturing

Paperless Future: Manufacturing industry is flooded with excessive paper trails for all kinds of purposes from contracts, timesheets, QC documents to invoices. As company grows, with more employees and manufacturing units, the paper trails becomes a major headache for the floor managers. Cloud storage with easy access to data from your Android and iPad applications has thus proved to be a major boon for manufacturers wanting to securely move towards paperless storage. Through different manufacturing IT solutions that Symphony had developed over the years, we specialize in driving manufacturing companies towards a paperless future!

Predictive Data and Analytics: A huge advantage of storing different data and taking operations online is the ability to get consolidated reports on a single dashboard. At Symphony we believe in developing solutions for mobile, iPad, tablets etc. platforms which help the business owner to get insights into every action from employee productivity to Quality Control and productions trends. Analyzing this data can open different business intelligence opportunities through real-time data and access to the trends and workforce habits. Eventually, this valuable data can help the business owners to make quick real-time decisions which are backed by trends and form an integral part of the business intelligence.

Focusing on cloud computing in manufacturing, we have provided solution to some of the most renowned manufacturers. If you are an innovator in the field of manufacturing with a strong desire to take advantage of the technology, contact us today or email us at to discuss solutions which will take your manufacturing company to newer heights!

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