Unique Ways Top Brands Are Using Tech To Enhance Customer Experience!

Digital transformation for businesses gone beyond the realms using latest tech, offering top-end products and services. It’s all about creating a multi-channel brand experience and interacting with customers.

With competition in the market getting tougher, here are few ways top brands are connecting with their target audience digitally!


Beacon Powered Easy Navigation

Location-based technology such as geolocation and beacon is used by smart businesses who have retail shops and care about their customer’s pain areas! Business apps for retails stores now come with in-store navigation which helps the customer to find products more easily and quickly!

A lot of big music festivals around the world also send location-based information about which artist is playing at what stage for a better experience. A recent survey suggested, almost 70% people were open to sharing their geolocation data if it resulted in getting more discounts and information.


Push Notifications For The Win!

Online shopping through eCommerce apps has become all about ‘personalized experience’. Business owners can get a rare insight into what products people are searching for and which brands they like more.

Using this data, many top brands often send out push notification to pull more business and customers. They are also an effective tool to gain back a customer who may have left items in the cart. This has become a popular way to remind the consumer that the business is always thinking of their customers.

Round-the-clock Customer Support

Businesses today cannot risk losing a single customer today. With customers spread across the globe, customer support has to be 24×7 too! The best solution to this problem is AI powered chatbots which are gaining a massive popularity.

Businesses can customize question and responses to help customer get the exact information and feel valued! This also helps business owners to know what the customer wants and is interested in through analytics and insights!


Gaining Customer Loyalty

Customers today love to be rewarded by brands. It makes them feel important and brand stand a chance of gaining a customer-for-life! Some of the best companies such as Starbucks are using a mobile application powered customer loyalty program!

This strategy has helped brand gain a lot of traction, especially if they have a newly launched mobile application. Once the customer is in the ecosystem, it becomes easier for the business owner to tap on the target audience!

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