5 Ways Mobility in Manufacturing is a Game Changer for Supply Chain

Mobility in Manufacturing Supply Chain Management

Continuing our series of blogs on Mobility in Manufacturing, it was about time that we focus on a key section of any industry – Supply Chain Management. Any manufacturers looking to adopt Paperless approach cannot achieve it successfully by ignoring the ever important handling of the entire supply chain.  Paperless supply chain management can have a multi-faceted impact on the overall automated processes in the manufacturing unit.

Here are 5 main ways how Mobility in Manufacturing makes management of the entire supply chain process.

Speedy Operations

It is proven that unnecessary paper trail can cost a manufacturing unit up-to 900 manual hours annually! Evidently, paper trail often leads to delay in work due to various reasons. Employees don’t always store important documents, contracts, invoices properly and hence often misplace them. Paperless mobility is the only way to ensure that the supply chain process is fast-tracked.

Lean operational management will automatically lead to better turn-around time for everything in the long-term. With global competition so packed, no manufacturer can afford to be late and ignore a lackluster supply chain management. Business owners can hire a mobile solutions or development firm to create custom applications solving different issues relating to time wastage due to excess paper usage

Security and Compliance

Data integration and security is a big talking point when it comes to discussing implementation of data storage and security. Research published by Arc Advisory group, overwhelmingly suggested that pharma manufacturers are highly affected by data loss caused due to paper trail and wrong filing. With so many rules and regulations attached to the manufacturing sector, turning to Paperless digital cloud storage is a wise decision for any business owner.

Paperless Solutions for Manufacturing

A big auto parts manufacturing company adopted the Paperless supply chain management documentation and not only saved the documents securely but also saved millions! With safer encryption, eSignatures and cost-effective cloud storage servers, it is imperative that all supply chain documents be stored digitally to make way for a better future of the business!

Faster, Better, Smarter!

Adopting Paperless supply chain management directly impacts the employee productivity in the entire department. This is the result of all the time that the employees working in supply chain save by not filing and maintaining excessive paperwork.

Paperless Solutions Mobility in Manufacturing

Workflow is extremely important for supply chain activities, with digital mobility solutions the routine is boosted and runs smoothly without any time consuming hurdles. With solutions such as Android, iPad and Web applications, the managers can even set up workflows and assign people responsible for doing the work daily. This way, the business owner can also encourage employee self-services.

Lean Operations

Manufacturers are always aiming to eliminate the processes and work that does not anything of value to the businesses. This attempt to have ‘lean’ operations gets a massive boost as soon as a manufacturing company decided to put an end to paper trail by adopting Paperless mobile solutions. In the long-term, time and manual hours spent in filing, maintaining and then finding the document is effectively time wasted on something that can be much easily be done via tech mobility solutions.

Businesses which heavily depend on fast turn-around time, tight deadlines and schedules have started using Paperless solutions and saving on everything from time and money. From picking up orders, to scheduling the weekly in-bound and out-bound supply chain. Manufacturers with a multinational presence can opt for a custom-made tracking mobile application which can connect multiple vendors to avoid misinformation.

Zero-Waste Manufacturing

In an environmentally conscious world, manufacturers have to think twice about their approach to sustainable business models. In U.S. alone over a billions trees are cut for paper production. As mentioned above, even if the manufacturer wishes to ignore Paperless mobile solutions for supply chain for advantages such as saving millions, they have to look at what is better for the future of their business! Choosing to go Paperless can save money, space and result in a more conscious and sustainable business future!


If you are a business owner, a manufacturer who is keen to digitize the supply chain process through custom-made mobile and tech manufacturing solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us by emailing your requirement at sales@symphony-solution.com! Meanwhile, you can also check our blogs on Mobility in Quality Control and Paperless Production management!

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