How Paperless Mobility in Manufacturing Increases Productivity & Saves Millions

Paperless Mobilty In Manufacturing

The global market for Manufacturing industries is moving towards smart work, taking technology’s help in the bid to digitally transform different processes. With machinery getting better and better, one area still remains a thorn in the bid to transform the entire manufacturing unit. If you guessed the excessive use of Paper – you’ve guessed it right!

Manufacturers in top 17 global markets are already making a shift towards Paperless approach. With technology at hand, Paperless approach is not only better for the environment it is also a profitable business decision which brings a positive change in employee productivity and the manufacturing unit. At Symphony we take pride in driving companies to seamlessly adapt Mobility in Manufacturing. Today, we are focusing on how Paperless digital transformation can have a 360 degree impact on the manufacturing company.

Go Paperless to Save Millions

In our in-depth blog about how manufacturing IT solutions can save millions, we stressed on different Quality Control measures through mobility that save millions for the manufacturer. This holds true with Paperless organization as we have numbers to prove just how cost-efficient going digital can become for the company!

Survey revealed that ‘downtime’ for a manufacturing unit can cost up-to $1.3 million per year. Excess paper trail is a primary cause in employees having to repeat work and spend time finding a document now lost in a stack of files! Using Mobility powered by Cloud computing, Symphony has helped manufacturing industries adopt paperless approach to save major cost on infrastructure and stationary assets. Storing valuable data such as contracts, invoices, operational guidelines and reports on the Cloud also eliminates the fear of losing documents in case of an occupational or natural hazard since everything is stored securely and is easily accessible!

Improving Workforce Efficiency

Big or small, ensuring workforce productivity is one of the primary concerns for the floor and unit managers. Employees in manufacturing industries use paper at every step in their daily schedule. From entering their in-time to submitting reports, operational guidelines and invoices to their seniors. Creating and maintaining so many documents negatively impacts employee productivity and efficiency in their work.

Paperless Workforce Management Manufacturing
Paperless Workforce Management Manufacturing

Almost 70 percent of manufacturing companies adopting digital solution for workforce management have seen a positive impact. Using an effective Time & Attendance cloud software like helps the workforce adapt to employee self-services. Many processes previously dependent on paperwork can be done via a mobile phones, iPad, and tablet applications easily. An added advantage is the ability to access the data submitted by the employee anytime, from anywhere. At Symphony we have had the pleasure of developing custom tech solutions and mobile apps for manufacturing industry which help manage the entire workforce seamlessly, eliminating the use of paper and the time wasted by the HR and employee in maintaining and finding it.

Accountable QC through Digitization

In an earlier blog about Mobility in Quality Control we dug deep to explore the positive impact on the manufacturing industry. Business owners willing to go digitize the QC process have a tremendous advantage in going Paperless! Manufacturers often come to us with problems such as the QC team dealing with endless paper-trail during the regular compliance checks.

Using technology at hand, we have solved these issues by developing effective Paperless solutions and forms which are easy-to-use and stored on the cloud. Employees responsible for Quality Control checks can easily upload pictures, add comments and store the data securely through different mobility solution. On an average, this saves 900 hours of manual work! Choosing to work this way, the business owner can see a rapid growth in the turn-around time whilst improving the accountability of the quality assurance team!

Securely Saving Key Documents

Multiple manufacturing units, locations, departments, suppliers all contribute to the huge amount of documentation. Employee time cards, floor guidelines, work authorization checklist, contracts, invoices; all result in an endless paper trail. With a huge stack of files and papers, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Manufacturing industries spend $220 for every lost file which needs to be reproduced by the employee.

Completely eliminating the use of paper wherever necessary results in securely storage of the important documentation using cloud technology. Web, Mobile, iPad and Tablet applications for manufacturing industries open a new avenue for storing data securely through encryption. Employees and managers alike can access the documents securely through different online portals. Using Cloud powered mobility in manufacturing, Symphony has transformed businesses through Paperless solution positively impacting on ROI, productivity and workforce!

Closely working with manufacturing industries, we take pride developing mobile solutions which solve major business’ pain areas and can be easily used by anyone from a floor worker to the business owner.

If your Manufacturing business needs a digital revolution, don’t hesitate to contact us or email at and we will get back to you soon.

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