Paperless Production: A Necessary Cost-saving Approach through Mobility in Manufacturing

In our earlier blog on paperless mobile solutions for manufacturing, we took a deep dive into how Paperless Mobility can help manufacturing businesses. Not only is it a sustainable business strategy, it also leads to saving millions whilst massively improving productivity in the manufacturing unit. This holds especially true when it comes to processes related to Production.

A survey conducted by Quality Digest overwhelmingly suggested that manufacturing business owners saw a positive change after adopting Paperless approach in Production. From a mid-level garment industry improving Production efficiency to a large Pharmaceutical giants saving over $3 million annually, Paperless results in a 360-degree transformation!

So, how do these companies stay ahead of their competition by implementing Paperless solutions for manufacturing? If you are a manufacturer looking to hop-on to the Mobility in manufacturing approach, you have come to the right place! Being a tech innovation company at heart, Symphony Solution has developed several digital capabilities that solve multiple pain areas.

Tackling Manufacturing Hurdles

Paperless applications on web, mobile, iPad and tablets can power the entire production chain to work effortlessly. A manufacturing unit will see the effects of a good mobility strategy only when it is implemented fully. Sophisticated tech solutions should be built in a way that anyone from the floor worked to the company’s CEO can use it.

Let’s consider a business owner wanting to improve the slacking floor productivity in a manufacturing unit. What can he do to make processes better and efficient? Adopt Paperless Mobility! The biggest hurdles faced by employees on the floor today are excessive paper work and the time spent in filing and maintaining them. From employee time clock to document management, Symphony has developed Paperless solution which lets employees work faster and better.

Paperless Solutions Mobility in Manufacturing

Bringing Accountability to Production

A successful manufacturing unit reaps rewards from a well-run production process. Production managers will tell you how much importance accountability holds in their day-to-day work schedule. One of the main issues with a huge paper trail is the fact that an important document can get lost anytime. Shifting to Paperless mobility ensures more accountability in Production process.

Employees in the QC department efficiently carry out their work by using mobile apps which has a document management vault.

Production managers get to know key information about inventory through a custom-made inventory management mobile and tablet application. Peak capabilities of the digital world enables managers to handle multiple production operations and view them in real-time on a single dashboard! By eliminating hard copy documentation, the business owner introduces accountability for the entire production workforce which can be tracked through custom-built mobile and web applications!

Controlling the Entire Supply Chain

Inbound and outbound supply chain management is a huge part of the manufacturing business. From procuring raw materials, to distribution of materials and the final products shipment, the departments are inter-linked like a spider web. A mistake at any stage can often lead to monumental time wastage and monetary losses. At Symphony, we have developed Paperless digital solutions which can put an end to all the supply chain worries of a business owner! How do we do it? By effectively tackling hurdles through digital solutions.

For example, manufacturer facing issues with real-time updates on the outbound shipment can take advantage of a simple-to-use truck and shipment tracking mobile app. This gives the managers more transparency about the supply chain and improves the productivity of the entire manufacturing unit. One can replicate this towards better material tracking too. Business owners with multiple manufacturing plants can particularly benefit from having a digital solution to communicate faster.

Mobility solutions are also effective in maintaining a healthy CRM. With many businesses becoming tech savvy, the need to move towards an agile Paperless approach has become the needs of the hours!

If you are inspired to make your Manufacturing business a complete Paperless and digitally advanced environment, don’t hesitate to discuss your project by emailing us at   

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