How Mobility In Manufacturing Offers Solution to Complicated Freight Management

Continuing our series of blogs on Mobility in Manufacturing, we realized there was one key aspect of any well-run Manufacturing business which wasn’t touched yet – Freight and outbound Logistics Management. Despite serving a different purpose, these two aspects of the business are closely intermingled and when mastered, help the entire business operation to run smoothly.

Freight management deals with controlling, tracking and planning the entire transportation of goods. Just like any other area of manufacturing sector, freight management too has its own drawbacks and challenges which can be easily solved using Mobile apps for manufacturing. Today, we’ll shed some light on how Symphony Solution offers solution to complicated freight management hurdles.

Eliminating Paperwork

The Challenge: It is no secret that excess paper work is a hindrance at every step in the manufacturing business. From communication to details about the consignments a bunch of paperwork is used for the completion of the work at different stages. From truck floor employees and truck drivers to the managers, people have to worry about maintaining the right documentation with the designated goods which leads to a lot of time and money wastage.

The Solution: Paperless manufacturing is the way forward! Today, business owners looking to adapt Mobility can start off by empowering the employees with a technology solution that makes their job easier by eliminating paperwork. With PurelyTracking you can do exactly that! It is a perfect solution for eliminating excess paperwork and providing employees with a software solution to help communicate faster and digitally access important documents, anytime, anywhere!

Planning & Scheduling

The Challenge: An integral part of freight management is planning and scheduling the transport operations by keeping it simple and cost-effective. A mistake here could result in a huge mishap and loss of money! Often when a truck is out on a consignment, there are multiple stops along the way, it is thus really important that the employees at different locations are in-sync. The fact is, without proper tools, this isn’t as easy as it sounds!

Mobility in Freight Management

The Solution: Making the best use of mobility in manufacturing industry has changed the way freight planning and scheduling works today. Getting a mobile app for manufacturing industry from New Jersey has helped business streamline the entire freight operations. From a single dashboard the managers can get an overview of all good currently in transit and the trucks about to go out. Similarly, the mobile app also helps the drivers to know the exact details about their route.

Tracking Consignments

The Challenge: Tracking is integral part of 3rd & 4th Party Logistics of any manufacturing business. There is no doubt that without the correct information to everyone involved, the entire freight management would be a chaotic mess. From the unit and driver to the consignment receiver the relevance of the information may differ but without technology it becomes increasingly difficult to take control of the entire operation.

The Solution: Enterprise mobility is all about providing solutions to such challenges commonly faced by manufacturing businesses. The entire transport system can be easily tracked using mobility solutions which are already transforming the industry! A mobile app can help drivers stay on course of their assignments for multiple locations whilst also being useful for the managers to see in real-time where the truck is at any given point. The freedom to know where the consignment is heading also plays a key role to fill the gap between the employees which can work wonders for the employee productivity. A single mobile app can thus keep in-check the entire fleet of trucks whilst empowering the drivers to know information about their current and future rides!

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